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Make learning about cybersecurity and technology interesting.

  Meet our cyber and tech savvy friends 

Cyber Ky &

Tekkie Guy(R)


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) resources
- with a specific focus on cyber and tech

Goods and Services: STEMulate Minds promotes public awareness of the benefits of implementing business practices that promote cybersecurity, cybersafety, and business consultation in the field of cybersecurity, cybersafety, and risk management. STEMulate Minds provides online and downloadable educational courses and educational materials. STEMulate Minds promotes public awareness of the need to protect children online via cybersecurity. We feature an online store with retail distribution of books, gifts and novelty items.  

Our Latest Adventures

Below are highlights of our latest podcasts, virtual and in-person workshops, and book readings that we've done to help reduce online risk.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Harambee Speaker Series: Cybersecurity - Risk Awareness and Avoidance for Children
  • Noggin Foundation ~ School Dazed: Help for Moms and Dads of School-Aged Kids
  • Mizizi Maji Mentoring Program 
  • ​Jack and Jill Club of America (North Suburban Dallas Chapter)

New Book Alert!

Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy Talk About Cyberbullying

With children spending more time online than ever before, there is real chance that cyberbullying could happen.

Let Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy be a resource to help you talk about cyberbullying! 

Dr. Laura Jones, founder of STEMulate Minds, offers cybersecurity and technology focused products to help youth develop a deeper understanding of today's cybersecurity landscape and to begin thinking about how they might help contribute to the future of technology and cyberspace.


Learn more about the author under the 'About the Founder' tab. 

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Kids, parents, and teachers love our books!

"Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy is a great book! The book was persuasive, informational and just good!"

JUSTIS F, Fifth Grade

“The book was good. I liked it because it teaches you and give you definitions to learn new words.”

R. WATSON, Fourth Grade

"I like the Cyber Ky and Tekkie Guy book because it teaches you how to be safe online." 

C. MCRAE, Kindergarten

“I like that Ky is a smart girl

and that she has hair like me.”

REAGAN W., Kindergarten

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