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Our Safety and Security Series

The Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy book series is a product of STEMulate Minds. Cyber Ky and Tekkie Guy are kid-friendly characters that introduce cyber and IT terms, definitions and careers to young people. Each book discusses terms and definitions to broaden children’s cyber and IT vocabularies, and related careers to consider for the future. Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy books purpose to help children become as ‘appropriately informed’ as they are comfortable with using technology and exploring cyber space.

As technology continues to evolve, there will be great opportunities to take part in helping to shape the world. 

Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy help children think about some of these concepts in a kid-friendly way.


Let's help them Prep | 2 | Prosper and change the world of the future!

Meet  Cyber Ky


Cyber Ky loves technology! She’s a good-natured, smart girl who wants to share what she knows with other kids to spark more interest in not just using tech, but doing so safely and with purpose. She’s 12 years old and she’s already showing drive and thinking about how she and other African American kids might impact the future to help shape the world. She and her good friend, Tekkie Guy, spend a lot of time online together and have some great discussions that you’ll find in the  Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy book series. 

Meet  Tekkie Guy


At 11 years old, Tekkie Guy is already "All about the tech"! He’s a good kid, a cool kid, a smart kid who (like many kids) really enjoys spending time online connecting with friends, playing video games and looking up interesting information. He’s also learning to code. He wants to build apps and he wants to one day help change the world through a great technical invention! Tekkie Guy considers Cyber Ky one of his best friends and you'll find them taking many adventures together in the Cyber Ky & Tekkie Guy book series.